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Advice on Garden Landscaping

Hiring a landscaping contractor

You can avoid many of the common problems that arise between contractors and homeowners, if you do some homework before signing a contract.

Though most contractors are honest and work hard for their living, the industryís reputation has been hurt by the dishonest dealings of a few fraudulent operators.

Always try to get more than one quotation, as you might get a better deal from another contractor. In this business most contractors determine these prices in how much work they already have booked in. Itís always worth asking if they can better their original offer, or if you require another job doing in the garden, can this also be done within the original quotation.

If you require several jobs in your garden, then itís always best to: Ask for each job to be individually priced ( if possible). Then ask what the price would be to have them all done together, The cost is usually less.

Some questions to ask your garden landscaping contractor

Before you commit yourself to a contractor, you should think about any relevant questions you may want to ask. Her are a few suggestions:

  1. How long have they been in business?
  2. Is the business well established?
  3. Where is the business run from?
  4. Does the address differ from that shown on the letter headed paper?
  5. Has the contractor done similar work before?
  6. Can he or she supply references from previous work carried out?
  7. Does he or she have any photographs of work previously carried out?
  8. Are they confident that they can do the job?

Garden landscaping materials

There are many different materials available on the market now days, many of them are unsuitable for landscaping. The price of the job can be very different if cheap, or the wrong materials are used.

All it takes is a phone call to your local building suppliers. Ask for their advice on the materials you require for the job in hand. Always ask the contractor what materials they are using and why.

Communication with your contractor

Communication is vital. Do you feel comfortable talking about the details of the job? It is crucial that you are able to negotiate promptly as the job progresses, so donít hire someone you feel intimidated by. Does the contractor have a written contract that is understandable to you?

The advice and information above are given from our experience and time in the trade. They do not reflect on any other company or self-employed persons.