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Planting Schemes and Rockeries

Green and peaceful

  • Garden before landscaping
  • Newly planted garden
  • Before & after: click to enlarge

By adding a variety of plants to this garden we created a vibrant, display of many shades of green, giving a fresh scent and an interesting array of shapes for the eye to dwell on.

Thinking ahead

  • Muddy garden before planging
  • Garden cleaned, planted and turfed
  • Before & after: click to enlarge

After the backing wall was cleaned up, a row of plants were planted to compliment the garden in years to come. Itís important to consider how a plant will grow in the future when planting it in the present.

Small rockery

  • Messy garden before planting
  • New plantings and rockery
  • Before & after: click to enlarge

Adding a small rockery to this corner of the garden creates a focal point of contrasting colours and shapes to draw the eye.

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